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Italia Yachts Australia

The Italia 11.98 is a boat that is truly adaptable to both cruising and racing. It will inspire the most ambitious competitive sailor and, at the same time, will be a pleasing cruiser for its owner’s family. High performing and easy at the helm, Italia 11.98 has an essential and clean design, perfect for racing, without giving up space and maintaining adequate interior volumes and layout for comfortable cruises. 
With her performance already proven by winning the 2019 ORC World Championships (Class C), she still maintains a 3 cabin layout with the option of 2 heads if desired.
See what all the talk is about and see if you don’t fall in love with her classic beauty.
Italia Yachts design stylish yachts to sail fast, safely and comfortably in all weather.  Inspired by the elegant lines of yesterday’s Classic Yachts coupled with a modern style from beautiful Italian design and finishing touches, to result in one of the most stunning and best performing racer-cruisers on the market.
Every design project starts with the creation of a perfectly balanced hull and sail plan; so that sailing an Italia Yacht everyone on board feels secure and protected in all weather conditions.  This design concept has made us a benchmark in the sailing world: in an Italia yacht you will rediscover the true pleasure of sailing. Each individual yacht is hand crafted in Venice Italy, the home of unenviable nautical history. Nothing quite compares.
From racing performance to absolutely comfortable blue water cruising, Italia Yachts now have 7 models available ranging from 33 to 54 feet. Each model performs very well to its ORC rating to ensure you have not just a beautiful boat but one to get you on the podium regularly.
We will have the brand new 11.98 on its Australian debut so please come and experience the beauty of an Italia yacht. You won’t be disappointed.
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Pittwater Sail Expo

The annual Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo will be held over the weekend of 21 March and 22 March 2020 at The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and will feature exhibitors supplying goods and services to the professional and leisure sailor.

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