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DeckHardware distributing Sailing, Marine and Industrial Brands in Australia from around the World. We are a Family run business and in December 2016 celebrated 10 years of owning DeckHardware.


Our product range which we distribute in Australia comes from industry leaders such as: Allen, Antal, Blue Performance, CC Marine, DrSails, Forespar, Houdini, JDC, LIROS Rope, Man Ship Marine, Peter G's, PROtect Tapes, Schaefer Marine and Walder.


The Team at DeckHardware are thrilled to announce that we are now distributing Antal in Australia, with our first shipment arriving in 2019.


There are over 1,000 sailboat hardware items in the Antal catalogue. They are the result of a constant evolution, aiming at an ever improved navigation experience. It is this that made Antal a point of reference for shipyards, designers, sail makers and nautical product distributors throughout the world.

Come and visit us at the Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo, visit our Website: or call us 02 9905 9400

Osher Blue

Osher Blue

Whether you need to get the barnacles off the bottom of your launch, protect the teak deck of your yacht, or make the galley smell fresher in your catamaran, we’ve got the industrial strength marine cleaning products to help you.

Slip ways, shipwrights, marine refrigeration engineers and marine mechanics trust our degreasers, cleaners, waxes and applicators, knowing that Osher Blue delivers a great product at a competitive price.

Come and speak with Mark and his team at Sail Expo for a great deal for great products.

Visit for more information.

YSM Global

YSM Global

Yacht Share Mediterranean T/A YSMGlobal makes the dream of owning a boat in the Mediterranean or Australia come true for sailors worldwide. If you are passionate about cruising in Australia or overseas, the opportunity of clear title boat ownership through syndication is possible with YSMGlobal fractional boat ownership.

Affordable and hassle-free yacht ownership is available in one or more of our premium brand luxury cruising sailboats.

Owning a boat through YSMGlobal provides you with flexibility in sailing without the direct responsibility of ownership and daily maintenance. No longer do international owners need to waste precious time and funds with a boat docked and not being used.

…Purely enjoy the experience of sailing your own yacht.

  • Luxury European yacht ownership for Australian, New Zealand and citizens of other countries.
  • Easy access and professional boat care in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, France and Australia
  • Affordable one-sixth ownership pricing for new model performance cruisers
  • First class “walk on – walk off” turn key sailing
  • Freedom to optimise your sailing itinerary at your leisure
  • Single point of contact in Australia with over 30 years of experience in the Med
  • Skipper provided at additional cost

If you’re an avid sailor, you are probably more passionate about your travel and sailing itineraries than most. However, covering cruising ground in the Med particularly when you live in the Southern Hemisphere can seem daunting.
YSMGlobal provides the option of boat ownership by syndication for the sailor that really wants to explore Europe or Australia.

Boat syndicates in the Med for Australian and New Zealand citizens are unique and limited. An early commitment is best to ensure a desirable schedule that suites the optimal sailing season.

Road Tech Marine

Road Tech Marine

At Road Tech Marine (RTM) we’re aiming to be Australia’s only truly national retailer of parts and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts who regularly hit the road or water in search of adventure.

We have the largest range of parts for trailer-able boats in Australia, including low-cost life jackets, ropes, anchors and biminis. Plus, you’ll find a wide range of stainless steel deck hardware, boat trailer accessories, anchors, ropes, fenders, lighting, lubricants, outboard spares and more, just like you would in a serious ship’s chandler.

And that’s just boats. We have a large range of accessories for caravans and tech products too. Just visit one of our 16 superstores nationwide with our new Narrabeen flag ship store located at 1402 Pittwater Road North Narrabeen.

So tell us what you’re planning, where you’re going, what you’re towing and we’ll make sure you have the right gear for the job – from the latest technology on board to the creature comforts of home.


Visit Telephone: 1300 964 264

Reo Sportsboats & TedTec

Reo Sportsboats & TedTec

REO Sportsboats principal, Andrew York has been racing sportsboats for 5 years. Andrew has had great success racing his VX One, winning three national and three state championships. While racing, Andrew observed that there could be drastic improvements to the design of sports boats. Andrew saw that many boats had great individual features, but no boat encompassed them all.

While other designers have used Computational Fluid Dynamics and have scaled down successful mini-maxis and TP52s we just put a 24 foot prototype on the water and knocked off all the other sporty boats, old and new that were 30 foot or so in length!

You don’t need half the neighbourhood on board. While the other boats have clouds of sail and at least half a tonne of lead, three or four crew will be enough to keep the REO on her feet and cruising past all of the others. Check out the videos to see how quick and stable she is in a breeze!

Other yacht designers pack as much sail area (horsepower) on their boats as possible make them out of carbon (nice) but then weigh them down with lead and the need to pack a crew of 6 or more onboard for ballast! This delivers a heavy package with high windage, equivalent to a truck.

REO Sportsboats have created boats with low weight, low windage and a high power to weight ratio with performance more like a sports car! With only 3 or 4 crew our boats are easy to sail and move seemlesly from displacement mode onto the plane.

Pittwater Sail Expo

The annual Club Marine Pittwater Sail Expo will be held over the weekend of 27th April and 28th April 2019 at The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and will feature exhibitors supplying goods and services to the professional and leisure sailor.

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